Sothink SWF Easy v6.1.90205 Kurulumsuz

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Sothink SWF Easy v6.1.90205 Kurulumsuz

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[color:3eb2=#000000][b]Sothink SWF Easy v6.1.90205[/b][b] Kurulumsuz| Boyut: [/b][b]34 Mb[/b] [b]| RS.COM[/b]
[img(24,18)][/img]Flash fanatikleri için kolay bir Flash animasyon programı. Birkaç tıklama ile önceden yapılmış şablonları kullanarak flash bannerlar, kutlama kartları ve albümler oluşturun.

[img(24,18)][/img]An easy Flash animation software for all Flash fans. Create Flash banners, greeting cards and albums by pre-made templates within clicks! Various of built-in resources can save your time to make excellent Flash movie. A large amount of predefined effects and Action Script 2.0 can help you achieve more advanced function. It is the fastest and easiest way to create your own Flash works professionally.

* Easily create Flash Albums, Flash Buttons, Flash Banners, etc through pre-made templates.
* Efficiently create a professional Flash Presentation.
* Large amount of built-in resources, such as Shapes, Buttons, Dynamic Backgrounds, Greeting Cards, etc, are grouped by purposes Business, Education, Entertainment, Misc, and Web for your free use.
* Dozens of built-in effects can be edited, combined and looped.
* Add motion path to elements in design mode (WYSIWYG).
* Apply external Shapes, Images, Buttons, Sounds, Movie Clips, etc from SWF files unboundedly.
* Group elements in SWF file while importing and using the elements selectively.
* Support transparency effect for a specified color in a shape filled with a bitmap.
* Lock/unlock an element to avoid making unnecessary changes.
* Drag elements up or down in Timeline to change Z-order.
* Import existing vector graphics, such as AI, SVG, WMF/EMF and .gls, .glb, .glm.
* Import the whole SWF files and video files directly for full use.
* Export Flash as GIF files and AVI files.
* Support various sound formats such as MP3, WAV etc, as well as stream sound.
* More resources can be added to the program by installing free Flash Resource zip file downloaded from Sothink website.
* Whether to add index page into Flip Album can be chosen alternatively.
* Support ActionScript 2.0 fully.[/color]

[color:3eb2=#000000][u][quote][url=][b][color:3eb2=#ff7800]Sothink SWF Easy[/color][/b][/url][/quote][/u][/color][/center]


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